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We just need some contact details. These will not be visible on the website - we just keep them because likeminded professionals (for example: clients, engineers, innovators and manufacturers) can make a request to contact you (and you decide whether they can).

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Would your firm consider hosting relevant certified CPD seminars delivered by West Midlands manufacturers?

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Please give a detailed description (up to 250 words) of how your firm shares three-dimensional data between clients, principal contractors, installers and manufacturers for prototyping and managing building elements and spaces using a virtual building model.

Please state the process and methods you use for supply chain engagement to source BIM objects.

Innovation Clinic

A pioneering development of the West Midlands Virtual Hospital is the Innovation Clinic, a secure (IPR-protected) online forum where likeminded professionals (design decision-makers and engineers) can share design specification challenges, discuss fledgling ideas, concepts and new products.

Innovators can respond, offering solutions, their expertise and ingenuity to meet your challenges.

We're looking for health sector experts, visionary designers and built environment specialists to collaborate with dynamic, resourceful, world-class engineers from the West Midlands.

Are you interested in signing up as a visitor to the Innovation Clinic? It's free to get involved so please select 'yes' even if you're only vaguely interested. You won't be held to anything!

Please include any other comments that you feel will enhance your profile. This may include helpful information about your firm's expertise, best practice or responsible design strategies - anything that will benefit prospective suppliers.

Business Support

We're making future plans for a combined NHS Trust & West Midlands Virtual Hospital supply chain engagement day in spring / summer 2016 - showcasing all that is great about our supply chain.

We're looking for architectural design firms and specifiers who are interested in participating in our special 'Meet the Architects' pavilion. Are you interested? (That's all we need to know at this stage - you won't have to commit to anything as we'll simply put you on our list of interested parties and make sure you don't miss out.)


Will depend on the product or services your business supplies and the location of choice for your advertising banner - for example, in the external fabrics / hospital entrance and approach / foyer / patient suite / specialist ward / operating theatre, and so on.

In the meantime, would you be interested in putting your company's name or specialist products forward as a sponsor for the virtual hospital portal and getting your business in front of a valuable audience?

There's an opportunity to use this first-of-its-kind initiative as a shop window for your business, getting your ideas, products and expertise in front of key contacts, specifiers, procurement decision makers and stakeholders.

Your sponsorship amount It's negotiable so please select 'yes' even if you're only vaguely interested and we'll talk more. We will not hold you to anything!

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