Works Package advertising

Linked to the range of works packages which make up the build programme for the Midland Metropolitan Hospital. As a supplier company you can choose which of the works packages (one or more) your company’s products, services or materials you want to associate your advert with. When a buyer is looking for suppliers for that works package your advert will be visible to them on the expression of interest page.
NB – to select the works package(s) you want to be aligned with please go to the Opportunities page and use the search facility to find those of interest to you.

Appearance: Company logo appears adjacent to the expression of interest message related to the specific works package.
Code: WMVH AD1001
Costs: £100 + VAT for each works package
Timescales: 1 year from date of purchase, renewable.

  • * Enter works package codes separated with a comma

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