Site Page Advertisement – Company logo

Opportunities are available for Company logo adverts to appear in a range of locations on many of the WMVH site pages. The site is attracting significant interest now that the real hospital build programme is underway so purchasing a Company logo advert will help raise your profile.
Please call to discuss page choice and advert location.

Appearance: Company logo advert (size: 300 x 120 pixels). Each site page will feature a maximum of six buttons arranged vertically alongside the page content.
Code: WMVH AD1004-1
Costs: Company logo or image plus hyperlink to company site = [Standard £150 + VAT ] , [Premium £400 + VAT ]
Timescales: 1 year from date of purchase, renewable.
Note: After you place the order, please send us your company logo in jpg/png format (size WxH: 300 x 120px)  via email at


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