The Innovation Clinic

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Welcome to the Innovation Clinic, a secure (IPR-protected) online forum for likeminded professionals, academics, research experts and decision-makers who design, build, supply and work within the healthcare sector.

The Innovation Clinic provides a professional development platform to stimulate collaborations and allow individuals and businesses to integrate on the clinical, environmental and cost aspects of healthcare.

All of us have a profound role to play in eco-sustainability. By thinking differently about the way we work and by taking innovative approaches to design, value-added engineering, construction and healthcare procurement, we have a real opportunity to make a positive environmental impact.

This is a way of connecting healthcare experts, visionary designers and built environment and facilities managers with dynamic, resourceful and world-class engineers from the West Midlands’ industrial field. By working closely and collectively, we have real scope to reduce the sector’s carbon output and turn back the tide on climate change.


Built with both creative innovators and specifiers in mind, this virtual space is an excellent place to check out the eco-credentials of the West Midlands supply chain and:

  • Innovate in design
  • Post design specification challenges
  • Share fledgling ideas
  • Exchange product knowledge
  • Collaborate and make links with engineers (who may hold the missing piece of the eco-puzzle)
  • Share business intelligence
  • Communicate concepts and share / receive expertise
  • Nurture efficiency and process improvements
  • Share advancements in engineering for healthcare applications
  • Learn about new bio-materials, pharmaceutical and biotechnological innovations

Prospective clients, designers and buyers will be able to check your credentials and make contact with you. And that’s when you’ll really feel the benefit of using this platform.

Innovators can respond, offering their expertise and sharing their ingenuity to meet your challenges.


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