While the West Midlands Virtual Hospital (WMVH) is a digital hospital, its real-life benefits to our region’s economy could be profound.

We are working alongside the Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust project team in charge of developing a real hospital: the new Midland Metropolitan in Smethwick. Together we will use the WMVH to advertise the huge amount of work being generated by the Midland Metropolitan, including materials, subcontract works and specialist support services.

We will also publish contract award notifications so we can record, share and assess the amount of business won by local firms.

The preferred bidder awarded the Midland Metropolitan project will be given the WMVH to use as a procurement tool, providing them with a comprehensive and easily accessible directory of local, relevant suppliers.

To boost the effectiveness of our actions, we are working with the region’s supply chain to improve their competitiveness, purchasing efficiency and skills levels. Ultimately we want them to be ready and capable to supply to the Midland Metropolitan project, ideally offering cost reductions and environmental benefits to the client.


We are:

  • Looking at areas of possible aggregation for common materials (such as concrete, bricks, blockwork, tiles, windows, primer, internal doors, and so on) in order to standardise material lists and specifications and match them to a local framework of manufacturers to help achieve costs savings
  • Developing specialist supply chain interest groups in order to nurture innovation for the benefit of the Midland Metropolitan
  • Assessing the bidders’ current supply chains and comparing them to our local supply offerings.

Our activity at each level of the supply chain:

Level 1

Working with tier-one manufacturers to value-engineer, map and consolidate raw material spend, improve purchasing activity and identify supply chains.

Level 2

Working with known (lower tier) supply chain companies to improve leverage, purchasing efficiency and start collaborative discussions across supply chains where commonality is exhibited.

Level 3

Working with newly identified potential suppliers to ensure they qualify for the work and to increase their skills levels in purchasing.


Built in the West Midlands – Sold Around The World