BIM (Building Information Modelling)


Open for business: introducing BIMwm, the smart community BIM solution

For construction and engineering firms wishing to work on public-sector projects, BIM Level 2 is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but an essential skill. Because its adoption is vital to your business’ future success, and yet also represents an initial drain on resources, we’ve taken groundbreaking steps to create a smart, affordable, simplified BIM solution.

Our BIMwm framework is here to help you acquire the knowledge, technology, software and vocational skills your business needs to become proficient in digital engineering. BIMwm imparts every aspect of BIM knowledge to West Midlands businesses, from basic skills for beginners through to advanced digital design and 3D modelling technology.

Our aim is to position the West Midlands supply chain at the forefront of the UK BIM adoption wave, and lead you to even greater success.

BIM Knowledge & Awareness Workshops
Legal advice on roles, responsibilities and IPR

Get an enjoyable insight into the business benefits afforded by building information modelling with our accessible basic, intermediate or advanced workshops. Read more.

BIM Technology & Workforce Skills
Practical 3D Modelling & Software training

Acquire advanced digital software techniques and learn how to apply them for maximum success with our professional development tutorials. Read more.

3D Model & BIM Object Creation / Content
BIM Object Content & Creation Services

Use our subcontract design and engineering service for competitively priced BIM solutions, including complete 3D models, product design and BIM object creation. Read more.

BIM Product Library & Hosting Datacentre

Securely review, share and exchange 3D model concepts by becoming a vetted member of our cloud base data storage suite. Read more.

BIM Funding Support
Help with identifying potential funding streams to assist with BIM adoption

Relieve your business of some of the burden of BIM adoption: let us guide you on ways to access suitable funding streams and other resources. Read more.

BIM Legal Support
Legal Text 1

Make use of our expert legal services provision to ensure you’re clued up on intellectual property issues relating to your BIM activity. Read more.

BIM Recruitment
Legal advice on roles, responsibilities and IPR

Grow your workforce and develop your organisation’s digital engineering skills: use our specialist recruitment service to find the right people. Read more.

Start your BIM journey here

To find out more about BIMwm contact Sandwell Council’s supply chain development officer Steve Massey on 07929 353232 or email today.

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