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Building Information Modelling (BIM) Awareness workshop with Offsite Management School

Becoming BIM ready

For suppliers who aspire to work and supply major public infrastructure projects such as rail, highways, schools and public health projects – BIM level 2 is no longer a nice to have but an essential skill set. West Midlands businesses are encouraged to attend a valuable FREE BIM workshop this summer to learn more …

On Monday 13th June, dozens of delegates from West Midlands businesses will converge on the Sandwell Business Solutions Centre, CAP Centre in Smethwick for ‘Building Information Modelling (BIM) awareness workshop.

The 1/2 day awareness session is being jointly organised by Sandwell Council and Offsite Management School. They want to champion BIM level 2 to the region’s supply chain and encourage them to adopt BIM so that they can win work on the £multi-million public projects set for the West Midlands including the £430m Midland Metropolitan hospital in Smethwick.

Offsite Management School to host valuable BIM event at Sandwell BIM Technologies & Skills Development Suite

Offsite Management School to host valuable BIM event at Sandwell BIM Technologies & Skills Development Suite

David Emery, director of architectural and design consultancy Virtechs – which specialises in BIM – will be facilitating the morning session offering practical advice for SMEs’.

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Skills development breakfast meeting: your roadmap to working with Carillion

Carillion, recently began work on the West Midlands biggest and newest landmark healthcare building, the £430m state-of-the-art Midland Metropolitan Hospital (MMH) in Smethwick, a £multi-million project for which Carillion and their top-tier contractors will need a quality pool of suppliers of materials, FM support and subcontract services.

Is your firm ready to supply one of the biggest names in UK Construction & FM services?

Over a complimentary cooked breakfast, you’ll get the opportunity to meet with the senior procurement leads & category managers from Carillon’s MMH team, you’ll hear about the works packages, designs, procurement and build timescales relating to the MMH and most importantly, you’ll learn about the supply chain opportunities that will be up for grabs soon and the essential skills (such as BIM) that they look for in prospective suppliers plus the approvals needed on the sub-contract works packages. Delegates will also get the first preview of the new Carillion endorsed Growth Spark APP, a FREE mobile & tablet-friendly online app to help improve your work-winning skills and a valuable SMART tool to demonstrate you’re a performance-driven supplier to potential new clients.

Work recently began on the 19 acre MMH site

Work recently began on the 19 acre MMH site

Attendees will get to see a first glimpse of the huge 80,000 sq. mtr MMH site from the newly opened MMH community platform, delegates will enjoy a panoramic view of the canal-side hospital site plus hear about the surrounding regeneration of Sandwell & West Birmingham.

Attending this workshop will allow you to:

  • Meet procurement / supply chain experts from leading contractor Carillion and learn what they look for from their top suppliers
  • Gain a valuable insight into business opportunities within Carillon’s supply chain
  • Hear about expert support for the WM construction sector including the launch of a FREE Growth Spark APP to improve your work-winning skills
  • Network over a complimentary cooked breakfast with like-minded construction professionals looking to develop their supply performance and improve their business credentials
  • Find out how to further raise your profile through the advertising and sponsorship opportunities available on the WMVH site.
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BIM 4 Hard FM Workshop – Health Built Environments Special

Sandwell Council, an award-winning BIM innovator in partnership with it’s BIM framework delivery partner, Virtechs Limited are hosting a special BIM for Hard FM workshop featuring estates, assets, MEP and hospital facilities professionals working within the NHS and associated health sector.

New legislation in the guise of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Level 2 is set to change the way health sector clients operates and maintains the whole-life costs and assets of its buildings, taking health facilities management out of the analogue age and into the digital.

NHS BIM Logobimfm_final






Our valuable 1-day BIM for Hard FM workshop which takes place at Sandwell Council’s BIM technologies & skills development suite in Windmill Lane, Smethwick will focus on the use of 3D virtual buildings and cloud base software for building management system (BMS). We’ll look at best use of technology to control and monitor the maintenance regimes of hospital estates and the creation of a common and universally shared E.I.R. (employers information requirements) to compliment and integrate with existing facilities management systems.

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Procurement Efficiency Workshop – Midland Metropolitan Hospital – Balustrades Works Package Cluster Group

On Thursday 25th February 2016, Sandwell Council in conjunction with Carillion’s category managers and MMH procurement team are facilitating a valuable Procurement workshop themed around the formation of a cluster group of suppliers to compete and bid for the £2.4m balustrade work packages aligned to the Midland Metropolitan Hospital (MMH).

Ballustrade Pic 1

As part of a small group, you’ll gain essential knowledge about the formation of a Sandwell cluster group and learn about becoming more cost competitive, improving your purchasing efficiency and buying skills. You’ll also get the unique chance to spend valuable time with members of Carillion’s MMH buying team plus a group of the UK’s leading procurement experts. There’ll also be plenty of networking time with like-minded businesses. You can read more about our cluster group plans on this link:

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Develop your BIM Skills & Get Ready for Digital-Built West Midlands

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is set to change the way the construction sector delivers, procures, designs, constructs and maintains the whole-life costs of buildings, taking the industry out of the analogue age and into the digital. BIM has the potential to transform efficiency throughout the entire construction supply chain through closer collaboration, smarter ways of working, lean methods of procurement and the use of 3D “virtual” buildings to manage properties and assets.

Recognising that public sector clients and private sector businesses operating in the built environment will need differing degrees of knowledge and skills. Sandwell Council has developed a programme of Building Information Modelling (BIM) workshops aimed at nurturing the critical workforce skills needed within industry.

Our enjoyable and affordable BIM Level 2 awareness courses are delivered by a framework of BIM consultants and are suitable for all levels of job roles. What’s unique and sets the course apart from other BIM workshops is that you will be coached through the business benefits of BIM adoption, receive expert advice, explanation and valuable client guidance of the significant efficiencies that BIM presents.

You can find out more about BIM and how it could add value to your role by viewing this short informative video.

BIM Video

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Meet the Midland Metropolitan Architects

Sandwell Council alongside Carillion are holding a special event on Thursday 19 November 2015, enabling local businesses like yours to meet the architects and specifiers charged with designing the new Midland Metropolitan Hospital (MMH).

As you may know, Smethwick is soon to be transformed with an estimated £1bn of investment, including the state-of-the-art MMH. In the coming months Carillion, the preferred bidder, will need advanced medical technologies, built environment materials, clinical equipment and innovations.

The opportunities could be huge for clued-up product designers and engineers with the skills, resources and ingenuity to meet Carillion’s design challenges.

To help you get involved (and, in turn, boost our region’s economy) Sandwell Council’s West Midlands Virtual Hospital team is holding a free product demonstrator and informal CPD ‘Meet the Midland Metropolitan Hospital Architects’ day in Smethwick on Thursday 19 November.

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Sandwell Council teams up with Carillion to launch BIM Suite

A West Midlands local authority and a leading UK construction services company have teamed up to unveil their initiative for equipping the Black Country supply chain with critical skills, as a major new hospital is built in the region.

CAP Centre 1

Sandwell Council, in conjunction with Carillion – the UK’s leading integrated support services company and the preferred bidder to build the £430m Midland Metropolitan hospital in Smethwick – is unveiling a state-of-the-art BIM (Building Information Modelling) Technologies and Skills Development suite at an event on 8th October.

The BIM Technologies and Skills Development Suite will provide a platform for manufacturers and suppliers to learn more about BIM and develop their skills in product design, 3D modelling and digital engineering using easy-to-configure 3D software.

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Carillion to unveil project team at ‘Midland Metropolitan hospital supplier day’

West Midlands businesses will have the chance to meet with one the UK’s biggest providers of healthcare support and construction services at a huge free networking event next month.

On Thursday 8 October some of the region’s most successful construction suppliers will converge on the CAP Centre in Smethwick for ‘Meet the hospital bidders day with Carillion who were recently announced as the preferred bidder to design, construct and operate the new Midland Metropolitan hospital in Grove Lane, Smethwick’.

The morning networking event is being jointly hosted by Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council and Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust. Their aim is to show Carillion’s buyers, designers, engineers and project managers that the West Midlands supply chain is capable of providing every construction, medical, clinical science and built-environment products needed to construct and run a brand new hospital.

With development work for a £430m hospital – set to begin in spring 2016, the event provides the perfect opportunity for buyers and suppliers to meet, collaborate and share best practice.

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Construction and Infrastructure Opportunities in Ireland – Event 25th September 2015

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) are offering businesses within the Black Country the chance to book a 30 minute 1:1 meeting with David O’Halloran, a UKTI Trade Adviser based in Dublin, to discuss a range of business opportunities within the Irish construction and infrastructure sector.

Ireland is the UK’s fifth largest export market and imports more from the UK than any other country, and therefore it is an ideal first step market for UK companies. Furthermore, the country itself offers the benefit of being English speaking, has a similar regulatory and legal framework and good perception of the quality of British goods and services.

The Irish construction industry is predicted to grow at 5.65% in the years to 2018, and the Irish government has made significant financial commitments to a number of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects for social housing development, horse racing courses and urban regeneration. The National Assets Management Agency (NAMA) is to also provide capital (circa €2bn) and vendor finance (circa €2bn) for completion of construction work and the development of Greenfield sites.

Location: Black Country Chamber of Commerce, Creative Industries Centre, University of Wolverhampton Science Park, Glaisher Drive, Wolverhampton, WV10 9TG

If you’re a Black Country Chamber of Commerce member click here to book. Other companies can book by clicking here.

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