BIM Skills

BIM technology and workforce skills

Practical 3D Modelling & Software training

Our professional development tutorials equip you and your team with advanced digital software techniques and show you how to apply them for maximum success.

In these specialist sessions, you’ll be coached by some of the UK’s leading BIM experts who will impart the digital engineering skills needed for BIM adoption – including in clash detection, model viewing, e-learning and design application.

Besides the knowledge you’ll acquire, you will also have access to competitively priced BIM solutions delivered through Sandwell’s state-of-the-art BIM Technologies & Skills Development Suite. These solutions include 3D modelling, subcontract product design and BIM object creation services.

To aid BIM uptake within your organisation, you’ll receive practical and valuable tips on the significant opportunities that successful BIM adoption presents, including through people, process and performance improvement.

Of course BIM can also improve your organisation’s chances of successfully bidding for new contracts – such as those stemming from the new £430m Midland Metropolitan Hospital (MMH), the PF2 Midlands Priority School Building Programme, Paradise Circus, and the first phase of the London-Birmingham high speed rail project (HS2).

For more information contact Steve Massey on 07929 353232 or email today.