BIM Object Creation

3D model and BIM object creation / content

BIM Object Content & Creation Services

Our subcontract design and engineering service gives you competitively priced BIM solutions, including complete 3D models, product design and BIM object creation.

As you know, BIM is rapidly becoming a supply chain essential. Clients from a diverse range of sectors will soon be looking to work only with suppliers who have a complete suite of BIM capabilities.

Fortunately we can remove much of the burden of BIM adoption, and put your business in the best possible stead for winning new work. Our expert BIM engineers can help you with BIM objects, BIM content data, 3D models, proof of concepts, product design, BIM assemblies and 2D to 3D conversion. Your objects can be hosted in our MoD-level secure storage area.

For more information contact Steve Massey on 07929 353232 or email today.