BIM Library

BIM product library and data hosting centre


You can securely review, share and exchange 3D model concepts by becoming a vetted member of our cloud base data storage suite.

We’re proud to have a hosted BIM object and content library for promoting materials and components manufactured here in the West Midlands. Our talented manufacturing and engineering supply chain can upload and share their digital-engineered 3D BIM objects and content data with a pool of prospective clients.

Thanks to this library, architects, specifiers, facilities management engineers, buyers and estates managers can browse products from prospective suppliers, and source BIM-compliant materials, assemblies, components products and services. They can download BIM objects and content data to work into their designs, and by doing so connect with suppliers who interest them.

So that all data is protected (the storage centre is secure to MoD standards), clients are vetted prior to viewing objects. And to facilitate links between buyers and suppliers, the latter receive notifications telling them who has looked at their BIM objects.

For more information contact Steve Massey on 07929 353232 or email today.