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   BIM Capability


*Please highlight what you feel is your company’s capability in BIM (Building Information Modelling). Be honest in your assessment as we’re looking to arrange activities for those companies who are looking to climb the BIM adoption ladder. (mandatory)

Meaning of each BIM star rating:

Zero stars: Our products and support services are not applicable or relevant for BIM adoption.
One star: We are unsure about BIM and we have not started to implement a BIM strategy in our business and would like some support or advice.
Two stars: We are aware of our BIM obligations and have started to implement BIM into our business.
Three stars: We have a reasonable knowledge of BIM and have experience of supplying objects, materials, products and services to at least one client / project which has specified BIM.
Four stars: We have a good knowledge of BIM and have supplied BIM compatible designs, objects, products and services on a significant number of projects.
Five stars: We consider ourselves to be fully BIM compliant and have fully implemented BIM into our business.

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Please list the main industries your company supplies. (You can be specific: 'hotels' rather than just 'leisure', for example.

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